Welcome to our MND Little Stars Program

Welcome to our MND Little Stars Program

We are so excited at the thought of you joining our family! Here at MND our Little Star Program consist of Ballet, Jazz, Tap Combo class. MND offers special features such as Princess Plea and Freddy the Frog.

Combo Classes

Jazz, Tap, & Ballet Combo      Ages 3-4 years old                  1 hour

Jazz, Tap, & Ballet Combo      Ages 4-5 years old                  1 hour

These classes are our structured combo classes in which dancers will receive training in jazz, tap, and ballet all in one class for one hour each week. The dancers will learn one routine for the recital; however they will receive training in all three styles throughout the year in this class.

Hip Hoppers                              Ages 5-6 years old                1 hour

Hip Hoppers is our Hip Hop program designed for our Little Stars. Dancers will learn all the fundamentals of hip-hop with some fun twists to it that are geared to our Little Star age group! It is one of our most popular classes every season. Dancers learn to express themselves through hip-hop movements.


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