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Motion N Dance 


Recital 2022

Welcome to this year’s recital, “found” Season XV.!

We found ourselves at a crossroad this season. We found a new home for MND, we found ourselves and our dancers adjusting to major life changes again. We found love, hope, and dedication something we all struggled with post pandemic. We found respect, depth, and change.

We found friendships and hardships. We found excitement, hope, & bravery. We found new goals and new achievements. We found ourselves again.

We found you We found each other helping each other grow, learn, & become stronger people we FOUND MND.

To watch or download the digital MND 2022 Recital shows please click on this link and plug in the password that will be shared with you via email.  Any questions please call the studio for that password.

We recommend you download the shows and watch in your computer player rather than through the internet.  There may be buffering depending on your internet speed, so download the shows and save to your computers is the recommendation of Tedesco Photo & Video.


If you are not familiar with downloading files from Dropbox please watch this instruction step-by-step video to download each show and save to your machine first before calling.  Here is that instruction video.


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