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Motion N Dance Covid-19 Final Season Notice 2020 

Date: May 1st 2020 

To Our MND Family, 

We hope this letter finds you well.  This time has been completely unexpected and extremely hard for all of us. In 25 years we have never had our season stopped in its tracks the way this virus caused. We have taken it week by week contemplating different scenarios that we felt could work for us and try to make sense of what has happened. The hardest part is we still have no definitive answer from the city or state in regard to when we are even allowed to re-open.  The governor of PA as split the re-opening schedule into phases of three colors first red followed by yellow and then green. Dance studios fall into the last re-opening stage which is green. There is no definitive timeline on this.

We at MND have come to a decision that is best for not only our families but also our staff and the business itself. Our studio is home to so many kids who rely on us to keep providing them with stable, loving, safe, and educational environments for years to come. In order to do that we have to make some tough decisions. It is with great sadness that Motion N Dance will be ending the 2019-2020 dance season as of April 1st 2020. 

There is no doubt about it, we are devastated that we have to cut our season short, but this is a decision that is beyond our control.  Our dancers, teachers and parents work hard every season and this one was no exception. With news that our recital which was set for just a few weeks from now on May 29th & 30th, was cancelled by the city.  We immediately set out looking for replacement venues and dates, and were unfortunately hit with roadblock after roadblock. With the city & state set laws in regard to large gatherings some of which will not be lifted until the Fall and some until 2021. This makes it almost impossible for us to host a show when we cannot have large gatherings. MND has over 300 dancers so this was also not possible even for us to host it in house. In addition to the hosting issues with the recital, we also then have to realize we still have no set re-open date.We all can agree every year with MND recital gets better and better, we are committed to bringing our best every year, we cannot plan to do so with no reopen date.  Although we have been hopeful it was going to be in April and then in May we have yet to be provided with concrete dates. Once we can even enter the “green phase” we have to wait up to three weeks to begin classes and then still have to monitor and restrict class size, etc. We need to insure the safety of all families. At this point, extending our season out to start later than May would put us almost into the Fall when MND still needs to produce a new season come September. 

This has already affected one season, and we hope to stop it there. We hope you understand this is not a decision that we have come to lightly. Again, we are devastated by the decisions we were forced to make. We know each of you were looking forward to seeing your children on the stage performing and it is something we have worked endlessly to try to make happen. We are living in different times than a month or two ago and unfortunately it has caused a lot of what we hoped for to change. In this decision we have found ways to best support our families as we have over the years, and we hope you support us in this difficult time as well; we have been in contact with many studios who unfortunately cannot even reopen their doors with the burden of rent, utilities, business liabilities, etc still owed. We along with many other small businesses were guaranteed reliefs none of which we received. We are doing our best to have a place for our children and teachers to come back to for years to come. We are a small neighborhood business and are doing our best like everyone else just to stay afloat. We know you have a lot of questions, below we have broken down many situations for you to read over in regard to what is next for MND. Please read through carefully. 


MND Finances 


MND charges for the tuition for the season not monthly. Many choose to pay monthly as a payment option to cut down the cost of paying the entire season upfront. If paying monthly tuition runs from August-May with no June tuition payment even though the season ends in June. As of today, MND will be stopping every family's tuition as of April 1st 2020. This means no family will owe April or May’s tuition now moving forward ( there was no June payment). March’s tuition payment will still be due to MND. We ask you email us to take care of this payment if you still owe a balance for March or MND will be processing your card on file as of 5/10 for March’s balance. Again these are not monthly charges, MND is consuming the bulk of every parent’s tuition for the rest of the season. 

If I paid April’s tuition? 

If you paid April’s tuition you will receive a full month’s worth of virtual online classes by May 10th for your dancer to take class online at home. These classes will be emailed to you by May 10th for your dancer! They will receive a ton of class material ( more than the class you registered for) They will receive a full curriculum to follow at home equal to if not more than what they would have in class. 

If I paid May’s tuition? 

If you paid May’s tuition this tuition payment will be offered as a credit toward your first month’s tuition of 2020-2021 season. When you register for the new season this credited amount will be directly applied to your tuition only. 

I pre-paid my full tuition upfront? 

If you pre-paid your tuition in full at the start of the season your dancer will receive one month of full online classes by May 10th 2020. You also will receive a credit equal to one monthly breakdown of your tuition amount. You will be able to use this credit toward your first month’s tuition of the 2020-2021 season. When you register for the new season this credit will be directly applied to your tuition only. 

I paid a Recital Fee? 

For every family who paid their recital fee; MND will be personally giving each family who paid recital fee their money back in cash form only. This will be available for pick up once we are able to open our office which we are hoping will be around June 10th 2020. We will be sending out an auto text and email to all families when the office is reopened, at that time you will be able to come and pick up your refund! MND can also apply this refund to next season as well at your discretion. MND will be unable to give refunds in recital fee until it is safe to re-open. 



Costumes are non refundable and since we order ours in November, many of you have already received them. Costumes are ordered through costume companies all which are non returnable and non refundable. These costumes are yours to keep. MND will not be offering any refunds ore credits for costumes. Unfortunately this is just something out of our control and a huge setback from the pandemic. 


MND Classes 

March’s Classes Missed: 

MND closed 2 1/2 weeks in March due COVID-19 and the mandatory laws of all non essential businesses closing until further notice. MND has decided to offer a Summer Camp August 10th-21st 2020 for each of our current registered dancers. This camp will be FREE OF CHARGE to all current MND dancers. Dancers can attend as a make-up and take over 20 hours a week of free dance classes! This camp is also a way to offset the costume fee some of you are out. This camp fee typically runs $150-$300 per dancer however MND is going to consume the cost of staff, the facility, etc to allow each of our dancers to come back and take classes for free for the 2 weeks of the camp only. This allows dancers to make-up missed hours in March and some. Dancers will be sent a schedule of open classes they will be able to come take during these two weeks. They can try new styles and take anything set for their age group! MND will be mailing and emailing the schedule and registration form for the summer camp in June to each family. This is not mandatory to attend and has no ties to the current season in class times, schedule, dances, etc. Dancers follow an open class schedule only for the camp. Should for any reason the virus stipulations extend into August and we are unable to hold this camp everything will apply above and the camp will move to during the holiday break in December. We are determined to have this time for our dancers to get together and do what they love to do… dance! 

April-June's Classes Missed: 

MND has cancelled the reminder of our season as of April 1st 2020. We have ended all tuition for each of you for April- on. This means there will no longer be any more classes pertaining to this season. MND will offer classes and begin it’s new season in September 2020 for the 2020-2021 new dance season. All current class times, routines, etc will be done for the season and will not continue moving forward. 


MND Virtual Online Classes: 

MND will offer virtual online class videos to all students. These videos are sold in a package by age group. Dancers will be able to try new styles, work their technique, learn fun combos, and much more. We will have virtual videos for sale each month from May-July for 

sale to any dancers wishing to train for these next few months at home. The videos will be for sale starting May 1st 2020 at $40 per dancer which will include all styles for their age group. If interested please contact us via email and we will be able to process a card and send you videos. These videos may not be posted online or shared with other studios, or families. 

In Person Privates: 

MND will be offering in person privates starting July 1st. Dancers can purchase and register to come in and work on some summer technique with the instructor and style of their choice prior to our September season starting. These in person privates will be for sale in June and sent out with our summer camp schedule should no stipulations be in place still from COVID-19. These privates will be set for individual dancers or small groups who wish to come in together. They will be at a discounted rate and again available come June. 


OUR NEXT Fall Season 2020-2021 

Our next season will begin in the Fall and will be set to begin September 2020 and run until June 2021. Our Fall registration will be set to open June 10th at MND and run until July 10th. Fall registration is by appointment only, you can email MND to set up an appointment to come in and register. No current MND students will be registered automatically for next season. As every season MND’s pricing, registration, class schedules, placement, etc changes every year as well for the coming season. In order to come back to MND next season you must come in and register for the 2020-2021 dance season. All current MND student’s your season ended as of April 1st 2020. MND will have all NEW class schedules, pricing, for our next season available once we can re-open our office. We will send out plenty of reminders! Please be sure to book your appointment. MND has a waiting list of over 50 dancers who have been calling consistently even through this pandemic. We cannot guarantee any returning dancer a spot after July 10th. Space returning is going to be very limited due to social distancing etc. 

Any questions please email us at or This is our main and only form of communication while we are closed. 


This Section Below is for Master Class or Company Classes Only.

Master Program & Company Dancers ( Competition Team Only) 

Sadly, our competition team’s schedule was completely taken out by the virus. We emailed each of you with hopes that we could attend future competitions in July and Company in June; however these events are on temporary hold by the owners of the competitions/conventions. With that uncertainty we have made the decision to END our competition season as of April 1st. There will be no competitions this season moving forward for any master classes and company. This means USTD in May & July , and DMI Nationals in June for company all have been cancelled. 

We want to express that no competitions are refunding any money to studios. We worked endlessly to be able to get all the money back for each of you. Sadly MND is out $500 of our own money that we paid ahead of time to the competitions to hold our spots, we will absorb that cost. Thankfully, we are able to get each of you back these fees which was no easy task. 

MND will be giving full refunds of competition fees to any family who paid DMI Bethesda ( Company), BPA in April, or USTD in May. These fees will be available to pick up once we are able to re-open our office which is hopefully in June 10th. 



If you already have reached out to me or we have spoken and applied these fees from either of the competitions right above to your tuition for April you will receive virtual MND dance classes at no charge for that cost by May 10th. If you applied these fees to May’s tuition you will receive the tuition credit toward the first month of next season’s tuition for what your May’s tuition amount was for. If you applied either of these fees to the recital fee you will receive the recital fee amount in cash form once we can reopen. 

*** If you did not apply BPA or DMI toward tuition or recital fee and only wanted it held as a cash refund you will be permitted to pick this up once we can reopen our doors. 

USTD Refunds

If you paid for USTD for May’s competition already you will be permitted to pick up this competition fee refund once we reopen our office which we hope will be in June. 

Competition Gear/Make-Up  

Competition Gear is already ordered and will not be refunded. Dancers will be able to use this gear next season for the competition season. There will be no refund for gear. The gear will be in to pick up once the small businesses reopen and we can pick them up from our distributor, we hope this will be in June. Competition Make-Up kits were ordered however MND will be personally refunding you the payment to anyone who purchased one this season! If you ordered a new make-up kit you will be permitted to get you payment back once we reopen. 

Class Placement Routines & Costumes for Competition Members: 

MND will still be hand placing each student in the appropriate levels for next season in regard to all Master Program classes. Dancers will start fresh in September with new class times and depending on the dancer’s placement new class levels. Everything for this season ends April 1st. MND has given the decision to each competition choreographer if they wish to keep the same routine next season that was scheduled to compete this season. This decision will be at the discretion of the instructor and will be made by the instructor when Fall classes begin. 

If the instructor decides to keep the routine that was set for this season and re teach it next season the dancers will re-learn the routine with new and adjusted parts based on difficulty and new age groups, new students in the level, and they will work on focusing and training as well in these classes. The instructors do have the option to create new routines instead and not use the ones that were scheduled for this season. 


Competition Costumes: 

If any competition lines keep their routines for next season we will TRY our best to re- use these costumes from this year. This is not guaranteed however we will keep in mind. This will all depend on what students are new  in the class or if any have grown out of it and most of all if that same costume is still being made next season should someone in the routine need a new one. Factors we will consider and again notify you at registration. 


If any dancer is no longer in a competition class next season there is no refund in the competition gear from this pass season or for costume etc. MND has the right to replace any dancers we need in levels and there is no guarantee of a master class or company position or a place in the routine even if being reused. MND has the right to place dancers in any levels we feel are necessary for our Fall upcoming season.



There will be NO auditions or new members accepted for company next season since we were unable to finish the full term this season. MND/IDP will offer positions to current company members who we feel are ready to continue via email in which if accepted may register for next season. All placement for spots in company for next season will be determined off class ability, growth, and assessments done throughout the season. IDP will not guarantee returning spots for all current members. You will be notified by June. 

Registration for Next Season for Competition Dancers 

If currently enrolled in a master or company class you will still need to also re register for next season. No dancer will be automatically re-enrolled. With the new season comes news schedules, placements, etc. You will need to email us to book your appointment time to register. Fall registration opens June 10th- July 10th. All master dancers and company dancers will receive the summer camp for free August 10th-21st however MND will still host our summer intensive in addition to the camp the last week in August that is mandatory and not free of charge. You will receive this info at registration. 



All solos duos trios who were scheduled to compete this dance season will be moved directly to next season. The same choreography and costuming will still be in place unless otherwise decided by the instructor. We will reach out to each of you in the summer and set up your next set of privates for the winter to come in and review and or finish the choreography. They will be able to compete them next season with us in 2021. There are no refunds in privates. 

Graduating Seniors : 

This is the hardest part in this all, saying goodbye to our seniors way too early. We want you to know we tried very very hard to have a recital for each of you or provide some sort of closure but the city and state have but so many rules in place it literally made us impossible to do. We have decided to offer each of you the option to come back next season tuition free of charge. You can come back and compete and take classes as was set this season if you would like. Again not mandatory. If wishing to, we will give you each a weekly or monthly schedule to follow based on your college schedules to allow you to participate. If you are unable to come back and participate next season and fully commit we will allow each of you regardless to come back and participate in recital and take your final bows. Any senior who had a solo/duo etc will be able to compete it next season if you would like and also will be featured in our recital next season. 

All graduating seniors are permitted to attend the summer camp free of charge and our summer intensive free of charge. Our staff will be setting up a graduation dinner with each of you to celebrate our seniors prior to you all leaving for school! 


Staciann Marcucci-Director Jessica Gibson Assistant Director 

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