Make MND your choice, you won’t be disappointed

Awesome dance school. My daughters attends this school and it is a great school. Instructors are great, friendly, and well skilled.  The director and her husband plan well organized picture days, rehearsals and recitals. The recitals are fantastic! They are extremely enjoyable for the whole family! If you are looking for a professional, reasonably priced dance school, look no further!

Make MND your choice, you won’t be disappointed!

Dana Coles

Motion N Dance is a great big family

Truly the best dance studio around! My 12 year old daughter has been dancing at Motion N Dance for most of her life and each year I can see her dancing improve. She has joined additional classes throughout the years so that just shows me how they treat the girls and she is always happy when I pick her up from dance. I get no complaints about going unlike other sports she plays. She doesn’t have the connection on those teams like she does at the MND team. Motion N Dance is a great big family. Couldn’t ask for a better dance school, teachers, and classmates.

Ernie Tedesco

The best dance studio in Philadelphia

Motion N Dance is by far the best dance studio in Philadelphia. The instructors are so talented and they choreograph award-winning routines season after season. This studio is my daughter’s home away from home. She has grown so much as a dancer in the past three years that she has trained at this studio. I would highly recommend this studio.

Jesa Galloway

Such a great dance studio for all ages

All 3 of my girls love being part of the motion and dance family.  Such a great dance studio for all ages.  All of the instructors are great and make the kids feel like they’re #1.  I would highly recommend this studio for anyone looking for a fun, professional, family atmosphere where every kid is welcomed!  We look forward to many more great shows and years at Motion and Dance.

Carla Cantiello

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