Motion N Dance 


Over 25 Years of Dance Excellence

Motion N Dance... what we like to call MND is a dance studio located in Philadelphia, PA. MND has been serving the community providing dance eduation for over 28 years under the previous direction of Mary Gee. Fourteen years ago, Mary decided it was time to pass down the studio and the current owner Staciann Marcucci began her journey. Under new direction MND was able to keep Mary's great legacy alive growing the studio to triple the enrollment it once had and forming a well known and respected recreational and competitive program. MND was featured in Dance Spirit Magazine along with winning Top Rated Dance Studio in Philadelphia and Dance Instruction multiple times over the years. MND has won top studio, top choreography, and was home to Miss Dance of the United States 2017 along with numerous Miss and Mr. Dance of PA titles. MND was also  nammed Top Studio of Excellence in 2018 by the ADCC. MND has had numerous dancers who have gone on to train professionally on tours, NYC professional programs, college dance programs, Kidz Bop, music videos, acting, modeling and much more. 

Our Facility:


Our Mayfair location features two large classrooms complete with high definition stereo systems, marley protective dance floors, high quality mirrors, and advanced dance training tools. MND features a main lobby & lounge center for parents which feature a tv,  free wifi, complimentary coffee bar, and a snack station for dancers, as well as a homework room. MND also features a top notch security system and in class audio system that connects all three store fronts to ensure the safety of all staff and dancers. We offer parking in both the back and front lots for parents as well.